How to find the right tire for your truck?

Choosing the right tires for your truck wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out… You are probably asking yourself, “what tires should I get for my truck?” And if you happen to actually be a rocket scientist and you are reading this blog, I will make it easy for you and break down some things you might want to consider when you decide to find tires for your truck.

I have purchased really great tires that last a long time and do very well in the winter…. And then I have purchased tires that are terrible and it would be comparable to driving plastic Tonka truck tires.

There are factors such as new, used tires, price, what you use the tires for, how long you want them to last for, how they handle in certain road conditions… we will get more into this and more.

Vehicle Truck Tire

Here is the truck tire buying guide to consider when you go to find tires for your truck.

What are you using the truck tires for?

  • Depending on what you use your truck for depends on what you should be getting for tires. If you use your truck for hauling, you would want a different kind of tire than if you never were hauling anything. If you are hauling weight that requires your tire to grab the road better, you would want to get a tire that has more give on the tread rubber. This kind of tire is great for hauling, but it gets you fewer kilometres than a harder tire.

Do you need tires for off-road or city and highway?

  • If you are driving off-road a lot and driving through fields, mud, and gravel, you will want to pick a tread that is deeper and that has thicker tread. When your truck is driving in mud or heavy dirt, the last thing you want is to get stuck. If your tread is built for off-roading, your truck will be able to catch the grip it needs to overcome those harder to grip terrains. These kinds of tires are usually also better for snow and rain as well.
  • If you are driving mostly highway driving, having a tire with less tread is the way to go. If you have tires with a heavier thread that’s more meant for land terrain, you will end up finding that your gas mileage will greatly suffer.

Are you getting your truck tires insured?

  • You get what you pay for with quality and output with most products. Tires are a really good representation of this… if you buy very cheap tires, this could find you have to replace them more often. You can most often purchase insurance when you buy your tires… this will help you in the long run. I had purchased tires that were on the cheaper side and were offered to purchase insurance on them. Since I got such a good deal, I purchased the insurance and I’m glad I did.
  • I needed to have the tires repaired three times and I’m happy to say that not once did I pay for the repairs. It was a bit of a pain in the butt in the long run because of all the time and hassle I had to put in to repair the tires. If time is a bigger return on investment for your life and you have the money to spend, don’t cheap out on your tires.

What tires are needed with the weather where you live?

  • Some tires work so much better in rain or snow… and depending on the weather where you live, there are tires built with special tread patterns to deal with specific weather conditions. These commercials you see on television about tire tread types being better in the rain are not just bologna, they have had a lot of scientific research put into them and they are well thought out and backed up by their claims.

Be sure to consult with your local tire shop to ensure the tires you purchase will match your requirements for your vehicle and lifestyle.

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