Total Plus - Custom - Powertrain

The strength of the Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac Protection Plan is the depth of protection if offers, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind.

Here are some of the main benefits:
  • Inflation protection - you are protected against the continuing rise in prices for automotive repairs.
  • "Normal wear" coverage - you are covered for parts and assemblies that simply wear out over the years, such as wheel bearings, piston rings, ball joints, air conditioning compressor, alternators, tie rods, pitmen arm, and intermediate shaft
  • The Chevrolet Buick GMC  Cadillac Protection Pln is supported by the largest dealer network in North America.
  • The cost of the Protection Plan can be included as part of your lease or finance payment if you buy the vehicle.
  • Choice of plan: you can select the Powertrain, Custom and Total Plus plans.
  • Choice of plan terms up to:
  •     7 years/160,000 km on New vehicles
  •     5 years/100,000 km on Used vehicles
  • You can choose wither a $100 or $200 deductible in most cases ($0 deductible option may also be available. See your dealer for details). And once a part has failed and been repaired, you are never charged a deductible for any subsequent repair to the same part.
  • Resale value is increased - since the Protection Plan is fully transferable to the next owner at no charge.
You wouldn't drive a vehicle without insurance. So why take chances with the cost of repairs?  The Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac Protection Plan gives you real control over the cost of keeping your vehicle in a state of good repair - beyond what is covered by your new vehicle warranty. That's why so many Canadians each year choose not to worry - by choosing the Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac Protection Plan.

The reality is that the latest advances in automotive technology carry with them higher repair costs. This is evident by the fact that the cost of repairs has increased dramatically over the past few years. Advanced electronics such as anti-lock braking modules can cost in excess of $1,000.

Today's automotive technology enhances every aspect of driving from fuel efficiency and performance to safety and entertainment. Yet those complex components and systems are typically more expensive to repair.

There are three distinct Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac Protection Plan coverage levels that your vehicle may be eligible for. This allows you to choose the exact coverage for your peace of mind - and budget. Find out more by talking with one of the Ron Hodgson Chevrolet Buick GMC Finance Managers.

The Total Plus level of coverage has been designed to give you maximum protection against future repairs.  Coverage so comprehensive it would be easier to give examples of what's not covered.  These include: body and sheet metal work, as well as repairs or adjustments to glass and upholstery, tune-ups, engine oil and filter changes and routine maintenance items such as shock absorbers/struts, brake pads/shoes, exhaust pipes, wheel alignments and wheel balancing.

See your Finance Manager for your Protection Plan contract for a complete description of coverages and exclusions.