General Questions


Are you a certified GMC dealer?


-Yes, we are a certified GMC dealer; we sell all types of GMC models. We also house a team of experienced GMC-certified technicians who know your vehicle’s ins and outs, allowing for efficient and high-quality service every time. 


Are you a certified Buick dealer?


-Yes, we are a certified Buick dealer. We offer numerous Buick models at varying price points that will meet you where you’re at financially.


Do you provide roadside assistance?


-Yes. When you sign up for our loyalty program, you will get FREE Castrol Roadside Assistance for six months. This roadside assistance service includes:


  • Mechanical roadside treatment
  • Tire change service
  • Emergency Battery replacement
  • Lost key and towing service
  • Emergency roadside assistance in Canada or the United States


Are you a certified Chevy dealer?


-Yes, we are a Chevy-certified dealer. 


Can I estimate the financing payment in advance for my new vehicle? 


-Of course! Our team works closely with all major financial institutions. This professional relationship allows us to modify interest rates and payment schedules so you can calculate the payments for your new vehicle in advance. 


How can I get pre-approval for the GMC vehicle?


-You can get GMC vehicle pre-approval by applying for financing via our online application form


What documents are required for financing the new vehicle?


-When financing a new vehicle, a few documents will be required. These records will include:


  • Proof of income, insurance, and residence
  • Trade-in documentation
  • Credit and financial history
  • Identification
  • Vehicle information


Do you provide financing for used vehicles?


-Yes, we do! At Ron Hodgson, we house a team of financial consultants to help find the ideal financing plan for your used vehicle. 


Can I calculate the leasing payment for a Chevy vehicle?


-Yes, you can. However, you’ll have to gather a few details about your Chevy vehicle. Some of these details include:

  • Vehicle price
  • Down payment
  • Loan term
  • Interest rate

-Once these variables are collected, type them into our payment calculator to determine the leasing payment for your Chevy vehicle. 

New Vehicle Inventory Questions


Can I do factory ordering for a new vehicle with Ron Hodgson?


-Yes, we do offer factory ordering at Ron Hodgson Chevrolet Buick GMC. To customize your vehicle and build your price, hover your cursor over the “New Vehicle” section of the main menu on our homepage. Next, a drop-down menu will reveal the “Factory Ordering” section, which you can click to be directed to our “Vehicle Configurator” page. 


What is a vehicle builder?


-A vehicle body builder manufactures custom-built vehicles from engineering designs. They produce purpose-designed bodies for ambulances, fire trucks, buses, pickups, crossovers, and many other modes of transport. In addition, Ron Hodgson has a Vehicle Configurator that allows you to customize your vehicle.


Can I customize an electric vehicle?


-While customizing an EV may be more challenging, it is certainly feasible. Several options are available for customization. Some of these possibilities include:

  • Window tinting
  • Fresh paint job
  • Springs and shocks
  • Wheels and tires


Is there an app or website to customize my new car?


-Yes, there is! Ron Hodgson offers a Vehicle Configurator page on our site that allows you to customize your car. Once you land on the page, select your vehicle, powertrain, type colour and package, followed by your personal information and consent form. Then hit submit.  


Where can I customize a new Buick vehicle?


-You can customize your new Buick at by visiting their “Build & Price” page. Select your car, compare trims, adjust colours and packages, etc., until you customize your ideal Buick vehicle. 


Where can I design my own GMC vehicle?


-You can design your new GMC vehicle at by visiting their “Build & Price” page. Pick your interior and exterior features, connectivity bundles, and colouration to design your personalized GMC vehicle!


How can I configure my new Chevy vehicle?


-You can configure your new Chevy vehicle at by visiting their “Build & Price” page. Choose between numerous premium colours, exterior features such as wheel locks and auto high beams, and interior options that enhance safety and comfort.


Will customization of my vehicle charge extra?


-Yes, there will be extra charges associated with vehicle customization. The process will require parts, labour, time, etc. As a result, additional costs will be accrued to cover these expenses.


Do you offer a new fleet of commercial vehicles?


-Yes. At Ron Hodgson, we offer several new fleets of commercial vehicles. So whether you need a commercial van or light or heavy-duty pickup, we’ve covered you with our fleet vehicle solutions

Used Vehicle Inventory Questions


Can I purchase a vehicle under 20k?


-Of course! At Ron Hodgson, we accommodate our customers with various high-quality vehicles at affordable prices. And our inventory offers many vehicle options for under $20k.


Are you a certified dealer for used vehicles?


-Yes, we are! Our certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles are lightly used and completely reconditioned for your use and benefit.


Can I trade in my car with Ron Hodgson?


-You sure can. Moreover, it’s a relatively simple process. Follow these actions to exchange your old vehicle for another model: 

  1. Determine your trade-in value
  2. Explore our inventory of new and used automobiles online to discover your next car 
  3. If your trade-in value doesn’t cover the value of a new car, resort to our financing department to help cover the remaining portion.
  4. See if you have a loan balance on your current vehicle. If so, we can help you determine if it’s worth it. Our finance experts can review the fundamentals and help you make an advised choice. 
  5. When ready, bring your vehicle to Ron Hodgson Chevrolet Buick GMC with the key, title, registration, and auto loan payoff information. We’ll review the car and complete the trade-in payment.

Are you a certified GMC dealer for pre-owned vehicles?


-We are! We offer an extensive selection of pre-owned GMC vehicles that have been perfectly reconditioned! 


Are you a certified Buick dealer for used vehicles?


-We are! We house a considerable picking of pre-owned Buick vehicles!


Are you a certified dealer for used Chevy vehicles?


-We are! We provide a wide selection of pre-owned Chevy automobiles that have been perfectly reconditioned! 


Do you provide financing for used vehicles?


-Yes, we provide financing for used vehicles. So regardless of where you are with your finances, you can feel confident that an appropriate financing option is available for you at Ron Hodgson. 


Do you provide the vehicle history for used vehicles?


-We do! As part of the automotive industry regulation, we disclose vehicle history information for all new and used vehicles. 

Repairs & Servicing Questions


Do you provide service for fleet & commercial vehicles?


-Yes, we do! Whether your business operates a big or small fleet, we service fleet and commercial vehicles at Ron Hodgson.  


What are the vehicles’ spa packages?


-You go to resort hotels on vacations to rejuvenate. Similarly, you can bring your vehicle to us for our spa packages for the same purpose. Choose from any one of our vehicle spa packages for the type of cleaning your vehicle needs. Some packages include:


  • Exterior scrub
  • Car show clean
  • 360 clean
  • Showroom shine


What is lube service?


-Lube service typically consists of a filter and oil change, condition and tire pressure check, and a thorough look underneath the vehicle. This service is a ‘vehicle check-in’ to ensure all the moving parts are operational. 


Do you provide GM-certified service?


-Yes, we do! Click on the “Service” tab on our homepage; the dropdown menu will reveal the “GM Certified Service” section, where you can select your specific GM service.


Can I schedule my vehicle’s service online?


-Yes! Simply visit our website, and click on ‘Service’ on the main menu. A drop-down menu will appear; look for ‘Service Centre,’ and click it. You will be directed to our service page. From there, simply click ‘Schedule Service’ on the left side of the page and fill out the following information to schedule your vehicle’s service online.  


What is OnStar service?


-OnStar equips you with Diagnostic Services to support you should your vehicle’s robustness become compromised. Each month, your automobile completes an assessment of the transmission, brakes, engine, and other systems and delivers the results via email. And whenever you require assistance in emergencies (accidents, injuries, flat tires, etc.), advisors are available to assist you – 24/7. 


What are the working hours of the service department?

Our service department’s working hours and days of operation are as follows:

  • Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed


Do you offer new winter tires?


-We do! If you need a new set of winter tires (or a tire change for the fluctuating seasons), we at Ron Hodgson are here to help!


Can I get any package deal for wheels and tires?


-It depends. Winter wheel and tire packages will be based on the year and make of your vehicle.


Do you offer a 30-day price match guarantee for new tires and wheels?


-Yes, we do! We offer a 30-day price match guarantee for new tires. You can save up to $125 in instant rebates with a set of four new tires. 


Can I order new wheels for my car online?


-You can. Simply hover your cursor over the “Service” section in the upper right corner of our website. The dropdown menu will reveal a “Tire Store” section, which you will click. You will then be directed to our Tire Locator page, where the “Wheels” section is located near the bottom. Upon clicking the “Wheels” section, you simply type in your vehicle information and place your order. 


Do you offer tires for Chevy vehicles?


-Yes, we do offer tires for Chevy vehicles. 


Do you offer tires for GMC vehicles?


-Yes, we do offer tires for GMC vehicles. 


Do you provide pre-owned tires?


-No, we do not offer pre-owned tires.


Do you provide GM performance parts?


-Yes! At Ron Hodgson, we offer customers a large assortment of GM performance parts. So whether you reside in Morinville, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, or anywhere else within or around the Edmonton area, you can visit us for GM performance parts!


Do you have a return policy for GM parts?


-A return policy depends on the part. For example, GM wheels are non-returnable. However, GM tires are returnable if they have yet to be mounted. Contact our service department to learn more. 


Do you have express delivery for GM parts?


-We do. However, an extra charge is associated with the GM parts express delivery. The additional price is dependent on the part in question. For instance, if the express delivery was for a new set of tires, an additional $60 charge for each tire will be added to the principal price. 


Can I order GM parts online?


-Yes. Simply click the “Parts Centre” under the Service tab. Then visit the “Order Parts” page. You’ll be directed to a form where you can fill out your vehicle information and place your online order for your GM parts.


How many days does it take to deliver the GM parts with a standard delivery option?


-It all depends on where the GM parts are coming from. If the parts come from Edmonton, it can take as little as a day; if they come from Vancouver, probably three or four days. And if the parts come from the States, it can take anywhere from two to three weeks.  

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