What You Should Know About National Automotive Service Professionals Week (June 5 – 11)

June 5th, 2023 by

National Automotive Service Professional Week is here! This annual celebration takes place during the second week of June. And for 2023, it occurs from June 5 to 11. We’ve all experienced our share of car troubles: Engine problems, flat tires, a blown transmission; the list goes on. The unsung heroes of these automotive challenges are the technicians, specialists, and support staff who help keep our vehicles on the road in safe and good working condition. 

So here at Ron Hodgson, we commemorate this celebration by acknowledging our hardworking specialists and continuing to provide outstanding GMC service for your automotive needs. But at this point, you may be wondering…

How National Automotive Service Professional Week Originated

This week acknowledges the service experts who help keep your life orderly by ensuring your mode of transportation remains functional. National Automotive Service Professional Week (also referred to as NASP) was established in 2005 by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Instituted in 1972, the ASE was created to recognize the diligent service professionals who help maintain the complex automobiles we rely on for daily transportation. 

Tim Zilke, CEO and president of ASE, declared that this week is an opportunity to recognize the major contributions of mechanics, support experts, part specialists, and collision technicians. These dexterous individuals keep the wheels of the motor industry turning and enable the public to enjoy the freedom of reliable, private transportation.

3 Simple Ways to Honour National Automotive Service Professional Week 

  • Say thank you: You can easily show your gratitude via a box of chocolates, a cup of coffee, or a simple thank you card. Even a few words of appreciation to your automotive specialist can go a long way. 
  • Consider an automotive career: People aren’t going to stop using cars anytime soon. Consequently, a career in the automotive industry can be very satisfying and lucrative. So if you’re interested in vehicles or anything automotive-related, consider exploring it as a possible career path.
  • Leave a review: A positive Google or Facebook review is an excellent way to make your specialist’s day and help attract additional business. It’s the easiest (and perhaps the most helpful) thing you can do. So tell all your friends and family or post on social about your experience to acknowledge your specialist this National Automotive Service Professional Week!

Final Thoughts

Everyone likes being acknowledged, especially for complex and valuable work. So this National Automotive Service Professional Week, ensure that you take a moment to celebrate your automotive specialist. And if you require GMC service, we at Ron Hodgson can help. Our dedicated team of expert mechanics and technicians can meet your automotive needs. So contact us today to learn more about our Ron Hodgson service. 

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