The most important dashboard symbols on your Chevy and what they mean

July 20th, 2021 by

Once upon a time, a vehicle’s dashboard only displayed how fast you were going. Today, dashboards are designed to deliver information to you quickly in the form of symbols, so you don’t have to take your eyes off of the road for too long. The dashboard is an important safety feature that operates on intelligent computerized sensors, alerting you when there is an issue. Some of these symbols differ, depending on the vehicle features in your Chevrolet. However, there are universal and important symbols to be familiar with, which we list below.

Check Engine Light


If your check engine light stays on or flashes, it can be an indicator of a big problem that needs attention as soon as possible. The issue may or may not be with the engine itself, but there are certain vehicle components that impact the engine. You don’t want to ignore a check engine light, as the problem can worsen, and you want to have it taken care of before it leads to an expensive engine replacement.

Engine Coolant Symbol


The engine coolant symbol, which typically looks like a thermometer, alerts you if your engine is getting too hot. If this symbol lights up, park your vehicle and turn it off to let the engine cool down. Then, head to your nearby service centre in St. Albert or the Edmonton area, where they can check your engine and other Chevrolet car parts that may be causing your vehicle to overheat.

Oil Pressure Indicator


For optimal performance, vehicle oil must be applied at the right pressure. If the pressure drops for whatever reason, the engine won’t perform efficiently and can lead to bigger problems. The oil pressure light turning on means that the pressure is too low and needs immediate attention before it causes irreversible damage.

Charge Light

Charge Light

The charge light looks like a battery pack with a negative and a positive symbol and comes on when your battery is low. It’s important not to ignore this light for too long and have your battery checked as soon as possible.

Tire Pressure Symbol


This symbol is shaped like a horseshoe with an exclamation point in the middle. It lights up when the air pressure in your tires is too low. Have your tires serviced right away to avoid traction and performance issues.

Brake or ABS Warning Light


When you see the ABS warning light-activated, get to a service centre right away as a malfunctioning brake system is a big risk on the road. If you notice that your brakes aren’t responding as well while you’re driving, we recommend pulling to the side and calling for roadside assistance.

Airbag Symbol

Airbag Indicator

The airbag symbol alerts you when an issue with the airbag may prevent it from being deployed during an accident. However, until you have it inspected, you won’t have this protection in place.

Seatbelt Warning Light


In some modern vehicles, the car is not drivable if the seatbelt warning light is on. The car automatically senses a person or ‘heavy’ object on the seats and activates the seat belt symbol. If you have an object on one of the seats, you’ll need to buckle it in to deactivate the warning light and, most importantly, for your safety.

Power Steering Symbol


If you see the symbol of a steering wheel with an exclamation point, this indicates an issue with your power steering system. Although you can drive without power steering, it will be more difficult to steer.

The above are just a few of the most important warning symbols on your Chevrolet. Be sure to check the owner’s manual for your specific vehicle to familiarize yourself with all of the dashboard warning lights that could save you from a costly repair.

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