Is a truck the right fit for you and your family?

August 17th, 2021 by

Understanding if a truck is the right fit for you and your family is a journey many others have explored before you. There are ways to understand if a truck, and even what type of truck, will fit your family’s lifestyle. If you live in St. Albert, you will notice there is a decent inventory of trucks to choose from. Truck dealers can also help you find specifically what you would be looking for in buying a truck if you don’t initially see what you are seeking.

There are a lot of great trucks to choose from out there from new trucks or pre-owned models with varying trim packages and custom options. If you are buying a truck at a dealer, be sure you do your research on the truck, check reviews on the dealership, and always test drive the truck before you buy it. Most dealerships will require you to test drive it first anyway to ensure you like it before you purchase it.

Warranties are very important with trucks. Because trucks cost more, so do parts. One major advantage of buying new is the peace of mind a new truck warranty offers. If you buy used at a dealership you might have a warranty if there is any time or kilometers left on the truck. The warranty follows the truck owner, so if there are 2 years left on the warranty of the truck, your truck’s warranty is upheld and you would be covered for that remaining 2 years.

If you are buying a truck without a warranty, you can usually purchase an extended manufacturer’s warranty through the dealership.

Let’s review all of the great advantages of buying a truck that could benefit your family.

There is an incredible amount of space in a truck

If you and your family like space, you will love owning a truck. There are some great trucks out there that offer plenty of extra cabin room for up to 5 or even 6 seats.

Trucks are great for navigating the mountains and rougher terrains

If you and your family are adventurous and like to head to the mountains for hikes or you like to go on camping trips, a truck that can navigate over rougher terrains would be handy when you need to head into the bush or drive some harder roads.

Trucks are safe in harsher weather environments

If you are in a harsher weather environment such as wet and slippery roads, trucks are great. Along with a good set of tires, trucks can help keep you safer on the road because of how heavy they are. The extra weight of a truck in these kinds of conditions will help the truck better grip the road – an important factor for your family’s safety.

You can tow and haul supplies with a truck

If you and your family like getting to the lake with a boat or a jet ski, a good truck that can easily pull a trailer is good for such family outings. Same if you are going camping and you are pulling a camper trailer for your family. You must have a good truck for your hauling needs for your family activities.

If you need towing capacity, you can rely on a good truck to be there for you and your household!


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