GMC Yukon Used Vehicle Review: What You Need to Know

June 23rd, 2022 by

Looking for a spacious vehicle that doesn’t skimp on power? Do you want quality combined with affordability? If so, then consider the used GMC Yukon at St. Albert. This model is brimming with special features that will enhance your lap of luxury – and all at an economical price. GMC delivers the quality that you’d expect from luxury vehicles; regardless of whether they’re new or used. 

As such, the used Yukon more than lives up to this reputation. But is it right for you? Keep reading for a quick overview of the GMC Yukon to see if it is a good match for you and your family. 

Interior Design

The GMC Yukon offers more than a sleek and stoic exterior. In fact, its interior boasts an incredibly spacious cabin that is capable of seating up to 8 passengers. Moreover, the seats in question consist of brilliantly designed leather padding that offers both durability and comfort. There is also ample cargo space that can be accessed and utilized by simply folding the passenger seats downward into their secret compartments. 

As a result, the GMC Yukon can provide a family-friendly joyride as well as a material hauling delivery service. This level of utility makes the Yukon a very versatile vehicle. And for this reason, it will be ready for almost anything that you may require of it. 

Safety Highlights

Safety is top of mind for most vehicle owners. And this notion is not lost with the GMC Yukon. The model offers a myriad of safety features that help protect both your passengers as well as your Yukon. 

Some of these advanced vehicle safety attributes include:

  • An inclination sensor
  • Glass break sensors
  • Ultrasonic motion detectors

Additional safety features are the available GMC Pro Safety Plus, which provides a plethora of active technologies specifically designed for safety that include driver-alert, ultrasonic sensors, and cameras.

Other Special Features

Additionally, features of the Yukon include the infotainment centre, which is very user-friendly and quite intuitive. Moreover, features such as the head-up display are precise and expansive, similar to the Yukon itself. And the convenient touch screen offers simplicity and coherence in regard to ease of use, of course, allowing for a seamless experience while operating this piece of technology.

Continuing with the special features, the Yukon’s camera provides crisp quality visuals that are so sharp and defined, that you’d have a difficult time believing it wasn’t HD. 

Furthermore, rear seat entertainment is also available. All that’s needed is a pair of headphones to allow back-seat passengers to enjoy their favourite films, undisturbed, on long road trips. 


The GMC Yukon offers a family-friendly ride at a cost-effective price point. As such, it is certainly worth it for long excursions, moving deliverables, or simply for getting you from A to B. If you do not see your model in stock, please contact our team. Check out the available 2021 model new inventory here and our used inventory here.

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