Gas vs diesel trucks: Which one gets more MPG?

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As a GMC truck dealer in St. Albert, we’re often asked which truck offers more MPG (miles per gallon) – gas or diesel? Diesel engines are rated about 25% more fuel-efficient than similar-sized gas engines. However, your fuel economy also depends on what you use your diesel truck for.

Let’s take a closer look at why diesel trucks get more MPG and what this means for fuel-efficiency.

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Why does a diesel truck get more mileage than gas engines?

Diesel fuel contains roughly 10-15% more energy than gasoline, which means that you would need less diesel to achieve an equal amount of power with a gas engine. Diesel engines are more efficient because diesel is more slow-burning and complete burning compared to gas. Diesel also offers more torque, which allows for better acceleration and less fuel used.

Diesel engines are built with a more robust internal system to handle the higher compassion ratio of diesel fuel. A stronger engine allows diesel trucks to work harder for more extended periods, making them durable and ideal for heavy-duty use.

Are diesel trucks more fuel-efficient?

Diesel trucks are typically an ideal choice for drivers who mostly use their vehicle for highway driving. Diesel engines return a higher MPG when heavily loaded. In city driving, the benefits of a diesel truck decreases.

Simply put, if a heavy-duty pickup truck is needed for extensive daily driving, a diesel engine saves money on fuel. If you’re mainly using your vehicle for city driving and hauling small loads, the advantages of a diesel truck over a gas truck are slight.

What St. Albert truck dealers say about gas vs diesel trucks

If you’re in the market for a truck and you’re deciding between a diesel engine or a gas engine, you’ll need to consider a few factors, including what the truck will mainly be used for, your budget, and maintenance costs.

When choosing between any vehicle, there is no perfect answer. An excellent way to begin your search is to schedule a visit to Ron Hodgson Automotive GMC dealer in St. Albert, where our team can answer questions and make recommendations based on your individual needs.

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