Buick’s All-New 2022 Model Lineup

November 1st, 2021 by

2022 is on the horizon. And an all-new year brings with it all-new experiences, all-new opportunities, as well as Buick’s all-new 2022 lineup. And 2022 is offering a slew of automobiles that will provide you with everything from power and control to remarkability and distinctiveness.

So with that being said, in this article, we will be covering a few of these vigorous vehicles and looking at the pros and cons of each.

2022 Enclave

With its spacious layout, the 2022 Enclave can comfortably accommodate up to 7 people. Its fresh design is polished and eccentric, and this coupled with its strong handling, smooth powertrain, and enhanced all-wheel-drive setup, makes this machine a mechanism of modern safety and control.

And starting at only $42,800, this is certainly a vehicle that gives you bang for your buck. Additionally, its myriad of other features makes it an irresistible option. Here are a few to consider:

  • Distance indicator
  • Auto-emergency brakeAuto high beams
  • Lane change and side blind zone alert
  • Lane keep assist

The 2022 Enclave is a vehicle for the contemporary family. The rear camera mirror, HD surround vision, as well as adaptive cruise control feature come together to create a safer driving experience for yourself and your family.

2022 Encore

The 2022 Encore is a compact and durable machine that offers a sense of luxury at a fraction of the price. Capable of comfortably seating up to 5 people, this versatile vehicle can mold itself to accommodate your lifestyle.

Additionally, its design is for 21st-century living:

  • A keyless open and start feature allows you to open and start the Encore with your fob key.
  • Quiet technology in the form of acoustically treated glass and door seals cancel out and minimize the noise coming from the outside
  • LED premium lighting display the Encore’s sleek and refined look while also retaining their efficiency

And besides its futuristic features, the Encore can also perform well too. In fact, this small SUV has a big personality. And nowhere does that shine through more than in its handling and performance on the road.

Its flamboyant showboating is validated via its quick sensitivity and efficient power. This in combination with its all-wheel-drive makes it a stellar option for family outings as well as wild excursions.

2022 Envision

The Envision is a vehicle that hooks you with its subtlety. It whispers refinement and brilliance at the same time through its elegantly designed features. Some of which are as follows:

  • Hands-free liftgate: When your hands are full, the inconvenience of dropping what you have is both annoying and time-consuming. This problem can be avoided with the hand-free liftgate; with the fob key on your person, simply wave your foot over the Buick logo, and the liftgate will rise, allowing you access to the inside
  • Panoramic roof: Feeling a little stuffy? Want the cool air as well as the flood of sunshine in? No problem! The panoramic roof will allow you and your passengers to breathe easier, and enjoy the warmth from the outdoors
  • Wheel Choices: Select from a scope of 18 inch or 20-inch wheels, all with a primer finish that will enhance the overall look and feel of your Envision

Additionally, its plethora of high-grade technological features that makes it a great choice for both convenience and safety. Among them are:

  • Wireless charging for your smartphone device
  • Compatibility for wireless Apple Carplay
  • Rearview camera mirror
  • Head up display
  • Driver information center

The 2022 Envision has confidently fused force with accuracy. The intelligent AWD feature instantaneously regulates torque for every wheel to enhance the car’s gripping capacity and strengthen traction. And this all takes place before any slipping or sliding transpires.

This along with the optional drive modes and superior suspension all culminate together to enhance your confidence while on the road. Regardless of weather conditions or adverse circumstances, you’ll feel self-assured in handling 2022 Envision safely and efficiently.


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