5 Vehicle maintenance tips for this summer

March 22nd, 2021 by

Summer is almost here, which means plenty of road trips, going camping, hiking, days out to the lake with the sunroof open and the good summer tunes cranked. The last thing you want to worry about while you enjoy your summer? Your car’s performance.

Vehicle maintenance tips

Vehicle maintenance tips

If you always get your vehicle ready for winter, do you also get it ready for summer?

  • With summertime coming along, you should be looking at getting your vehicle ready for the summer. There are some vehicle safety maintenance services you can perform to ensure you make the best of the season.
  • Most of the kilometres a vehicle puts on are in the summer. The nice weather always leads to people getting out and driving more with road trips, camping, going from and to the lake, the beach, the cabin, and so many other summer fun activities.
  • Your car needs one year of maintenance – around the clock, but more maintenance may be required at certain times of the year. Regular maintenance protects your vehicle from breakdowns and heavy repairs at extreme temperatures, which place additional stress on your engine.

While maintenance can help extend the life of a vehicle, there is some necessary maintenance advice that is best to be followed.

If you follow these 5 simple vehicle safety maintenance tips, you will save a lot of money and time and make sure your ride is ready for the hot summer months.

Tip #1 – Change your oil and check your fluids.

Be sure to make sure any fluids that are in your vehicle are changed or topped up to ensure your vehicle performs top-notch for all your summertime driving.

Tip #2 – Rotate or change your tires.

If you have all-season tires, be sure your tires are rotated for the summertime. When a winter-ready service is offered by a mechanical shop, your tires are generally rotated for the winter. You will need them rotated for summer to make sure the tread is wearing more evenly. If you have winter tires, you may need to have your tires changed back to summer tires.

Tip #3 – Change your vehicle’s filters.

If you want to be sure to enjoy that nice summer air, you will want to ensure you change out your cabin filter as well as make sure your vehicle can breathe well on those hot days.

Tip #4 – Check the engine belts.

With all the driving you will be doing this summer, be sure your engine belts are aligned correctly and are not past due for changing out. If the belts are past due, they will show by the cracks that form in the belts.

Tip #5 – Check your brakes.

Summer driving can get hot and your brakes really heat up compared to winter driving. Because brakes can heat up in warm temperatures, ensure you have them thoroughly inspected.

When you make sure your vehicle is maintained, you can save money, keep your vehicle in good condition, limit long-term maintenance problems and keep it in the best condition. Not only does maintaining your vehicle help your resale value, your ownership and driving experience will be better.

Follow a maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle.

There are a few ways you might be able to obtain a good and thorough vehicle maintenance schedule. You can get a vehicle maintenance guide from your vehicle’s user guide, or online or your mechanic could produce one for you.

One more tip to consider…

Ensure you keep a first-aid kit in your vehicle for summer. Because we are outside more and in the elements, most people use their first aid kits in the summer.

With all these things checked off your list, you can be sure you feel at ease knowing you have considered and acted on the most important things that will help keep your vehicle performing top-notch for the summer. Your summer will be much more enjoyable with peace of mind in regards to your vehicle’s performance.

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