5 Simple Tips to Make Your Vehicle Summer-Ready

May 1st, 2023 by

Canada is known for many things: Maple syrup, ice hockey, and, of course… cold weather. Yet, despite being one of the world’s chilliest countries, we enjoy summer temperatures that can compete with any tropical destination. For this reason, ensuring your vehicle is ready for the summer season is essential. 

At Ron Hodgson, we are a family-based Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC dealership. As such, we want to help you prepare for the upcoming toasty summer months! Keep reading to learn 5 simple tips to prepare your vehicle for the summer. 

1. Top Your Fluids

Most of us check our oil frequently, but how often do we give the same attention to our vehicle’s essential fluids? Your engine depends on these liquids. Consequently, you should consider them as we head into the summer months. Take a look at your transmission, coolant, and brake levels and top them all off; by doing so, you’ll ensure your vehicle is summer-ready just in time for the warmer weather! Review your owner’s manual for each fluid and dipstick location.

2. New Filters

Since you’ll be rolling up the windows while cranking the AC, you’ll want to ensure the engine-cabin airflow is not obstructed. This type of inspection can significantly benefit the health of both you and your vehicle. Look at your cabin’s air filter and see if any indicators of dampness or discolouration are present. Examine your engine’s air filter as well; a fresh air filter improves your car’s fuel mileage and helps maintain its functionality.

Other benefits of a new car filter can include the following:

  • Extension in engine life
  • Reduced emissions
  • Better acceleration
  • Improved driveability
  • Enhanced gas mileage

3. Safeguard Your Paint 

Summer heat and your car’s paint don’t get along well. Excessive sun exposure can cause drying, and fading, and may eventually crack or chip your exterior paint if you don’t have garage access, or park in shaded spots. However, try to avoid trees, if possible, as they can also do damage—sap, pollen, falling acorns, bird droppings, etc., are horrible for your car’s paint job. It may be prudent to consider a UV-protectant wax coating for your vehicle. This product is among the best ways to protect your vehicle’s paint from the sun. 

4. Wiper Replacement

Winter is typically the season your wiper blades are most active. The continual wiping away of ice and snow can quickly do a number on your blade quality. And, of course, let’s not forget about the sand and salt, which may further compromise the effectiveness of your wipers. Worn-out wipers leave behind streaks and markings on your windshield. And that’s not something you want to see in the summer rain. So if needed, be sure to replace your wipers in time for summer. It’s easy to do, and it will significantly improve your visibility. 

5. Check Your Brakes

Winter often takes a considerable toll on your car’s braking system, so you’ll want to ensure your brakes are summer-ready. Hire a mechanic to perform an assessment; they can determine whether or not winter driving has compromised your system. They will examine the rotors and brake pads and inform you if any replacements are needed. This will improve your vehicle’s safety and performance.

Here are some additional advantages to regularly checking your brakes:

  1. Improved stopping distance
  2. Lower repair costs
  3. Better fuel economy 
  4. Improved roadway safety
  5. Reduced brake replacements
  6. More receptive handling
  7. Higher resale value 

Next Step: Get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

With summer right around the corner, ensuring your vehicle is ready is wise. Whether you want to enhance your car’s performance, need additional parts or accessories, or just have questions that you’d like answered, we can help! Our team of automotive specialists and technicians is here when you need them! So contact us today to get your vehicle summer-ready!

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